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Item Name: Joanna Forte - Lady's Fire
Item Number: HM8909-03
Price: 5.00

Title: Lady's Fire
Artiste: Joanna Forte (Pauly Ortiz)
Label: Heavenly Media
Original year of release: 1980
Heavenly re-release: 1990
Produced by Joe Ortiz
Engineered/mixed by Joe Ortiz


Arran Ahmun - Drums
Pino Palladino - Bass*
All other instruments played by Joe & Pauly Ortiz
All background vocals by Pauly and Joe

Track List:

01. Sizzling Summer
02. Lady's Fire
03. One Of the Chozen Few*
04. Rebbeca
05. Eye Witness*
06. Allah Aye Allah Ahima Ah*
07. Jimmy's Hi Fi
08. the Deserter
09. Open Your Love

Bonus List:

Allah Aye Allah Ahima Ah ( revisited)
One Of the Chozen Few (Singles Mix)
Confetti (Not on original album release)
Eye Witness (Chozen Few B Side)
Lady's Fire Sampler (Jimmi's Hi Fi B Side)
Rebbeca (With backline)
Sizzling Summer 2008 (revisited)
They've Seen Inside of Me (not on original album)


This album represents the joining of Pauly and Joe as what they describe as an 'US' ;-) It was during the making of this album that Pauly and Joe knew that they were to be a forever item and today 2012, that is exactly what they still are. They have been through hell quite a few times but they manage to get themselves up, dust themselvs off and keep moving forward. Tenacity is most definitely one of their strongest attributes.

This album was recorded and released almost four years before the advent of audio CDs

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