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Item Name: Heaven on Earth - Arm In Arm
Item Number: HM8909-02
Price: 5.00

Title: Arm in Arm
Artiste: Heaven on Earth
Label: Heavenly Media
Year of release: 1990
Produced by Joe & Pauly Ortiz
Engineered/mixed by Joe Ortiz
Musicians: Joe & Pauly Ortiz
Sax: Mark Millington*

Track List:

01a - arm in arm intro 2005
01b - arm in arm_uptempo
02 - shake
03 - love is
04 - im gonna find you*
05 - break down and cry
06 - new york high
07 - beyond the moon
08 - rhythm of our love
09 - what a fool*
10 - yeyo
11 - heart and soul
12 - falling in love
13 - arm in arm (ballad)

The recordings in this album are (for the time) nothing short of miraculous!
Equipment used varied but in every case - was considered semi-pro due to relatively low cost.
Nonetheless - what came out of the speakers during mixdown would make it clear to anyone listening that Heaven on Earth were determined to stamp a mark on the business with their usnique blend of NY meets UK!

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