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With all publishing un-assigned and re-recording restrictions lifted, Heaven on Earth retained both their multitrack and stereo masters to be able to offer here for the first time - their original releases AND their own remixes. You've heard the sounds, now own a copy!

Heaven On Earth Gig CD
Everyone has been asking us about this so here it finally is ;-)
Includes 14 tracks including original recordings released on the Atlantic Records
label featuring the singles 'On An Angel's Wing and One Of The Chosen Few

Joanna Forte - Lady's Fire Joanna Forte - Lady's Fire
A milestone concept album released on CBS Europe before the advent of CDs and only direct from the this website only! This is the album that brought Pauly and Joe together in the first place and features session musos - Pino Palladino and Arran Ahmun. Click for details.
Heaven on Earth - Dedication Heaven on Earth - Dedication
This album is long discontinued and highly sought after but you can still get it here direct from source! Note that this is a re-issue containing some new mixes AND additional songs but if you also want the original release, please buy twice and receive both copies! We'll know what to do. Click for details.
Heaven on Earth - Arm in Arm Heaven on Earth - Arm in Arm
This was to be the follow-up LP to Dedication. As with Dedication, this album was recorded in their own private studio on 1/2" 16 track and features some awesome soul and latin-funk tracks. MSM - eat yer' heart out ;-) Click for details.
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