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ALL bookings are subject to our standard caveat so please read this now ...
Remember that we also accept emergency bookings (subject to availability) so if you get a cancellation, try us ;-)
Please phone 07742 943292 or email
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This duo provide a touch of class to any occasion with their blend of soul, r&b, Latin jazz and more. Their repertoire includes original music and covers of classic songs by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Ray Charles, Santana, Motown, O'Jays, Celine Dione, Barbara Streisand and many more.

This is a show like no other - NO BS - NO HYPE!

Unlike many so called duos or single person acts doing the rounds using commercial backing tracks - Heaven on Earth are different because THEY ARE THE BACKING TRACKS TOO!

Heaven on Earth own and run a fully licensed commercial backing tracks company boasting no less than 1,800 titles! Their sets are obviously arranged and mixed for their own style and interpretation but in any event, when you attend a Heaven on Earth gig - what you see and hear is exactly what you get!

Lastly but definitely worth mentioning - their SOUND is nothing short of breathtaking! Heaven on Earth take the studio to the stage with digital quality live sound. Their performances are slick and polished. You'd be hard pushed to convince yourself that they are not just lip syncing their vocals or instruments!

Our list of songs is vast and the styles are diverse enough to meet virtually any occasion.

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OH ... BY THE WAY .... If you should get a last minute cancellation for a really important function, we may be able to help (subject to availability) and can normally get geared up and be ready to stand in - normally in as little as two hours! Keep that one in your top drawer.

Let us make yours an event that everyone will remember so no matter what the occasion or event, call us first to discuss your requirements and we'll do our level best to provide you with a package that's just right for you and yours.

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