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About Heaven on Earth


Born in the UK, Pauly first discovered her love of music and natural aptitude for the piano at the age of 4, and began to take lessons. In time she began to write her own lyrics and singing and then on to further study of piano and composition with many respected tutors in London. In the process - she secured various assignments for tv and radio adverts, and eventually landed a deal with a UK independent record company and her L.P. (produced by Joe) Lady's Fire was sub-licensed to CBS Europe under the artiste name of 'Joanna Forte' and the album (Lady's Fire) caused quote a stir throughout the business with music publishers lining up to represent her songs.

Photo by Lorraine Ingold, Dream Promotions

This album featured some of the most conceptual and innovative material ever heard and not only showed Pauly to be a singer with one of the world's greatest and most unique voices - but also as one of the world's most original and amazing songwriters of any era! This period also marks the beginning of her partnership with her husband since 1982 - Joe Ortiz.


Born in New York and raised in the South Bronx, Joe had a love of music from the age of around two, which no doubt provided an escape from the turbulent surroundings of the times. For years he developed his talents as a multi instrumentalist, writer, arranger and producer. By the early 70's his devotion had paid off and he had become an active and prominent figure in the studio scene recording and performing with such greats as Dave Valentin, Dave Grusin, Ruben Blades, Clarence Burke, Tito Puente, Hugh Masekela, Angie Bofil, Lee Jaffe of the Wailers and others. He would later embark on a two year world tour with chart busters - Inner Circle - the tour which would ultimately lead him to the UK where he meets Pauly. Joe says about Pauly - "I wanted to learn all I could about writing great songs. Pauly has been my most valuable tutor in this area".

Career highlights

These have included television appearances alongside the likes of The Four Tops, Bonny Tyler, Precious Wilson, as well as the release of two singles which still play on European radio to this day from the Lady's Fire Sessions. Appearances at New York's Madison Square Garden, London's Rainbow Theatre and Earl's Court, Hammersmith Palley, the Redding Festival as well as arenas throughout Europe all helped Joe and Pauly to develop the professional edge needed to survive in this business.


Joe and Pauly continue to write and record new material, Their combined talents secured them assignments with various Television studios, writing the theme tunes to such programs as 'Heirlooms', the popular wildlife documentary series 'Animals In Action' and the game shoe 'Jumble', as well as working on assignments for such companies as British Telecom.


Being label mates with such greats as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, YES, Led Zeppelin, the Traamps, the Drifters, the Spinners, Chic, Roberta Flack and other greats is an achievement in itself and once again, the hard work appeared to have paid off and they soon found themselves signed to the legendary US Label, Atlantic Records, under the name 'Heaven On Earth'. Ahmet Ertgen (founder of Atlantic Records) personally gave his 'okay' to sign them up on the strength of a handful of 4-track demos. The album titled 'Dedication' included the single 'On An Angels Wing' and received excellent reviews from such publications as 'People Magazine' who made it clear enough that Heaven On Earth were a name to 'keep your eye on'.

Lady's Fire was recorded before the advent of MIDI, samplers or even the now common audio CD. This album is now available - better - and - for the first time ever - on CD including loads of bonus material! The Dedication L.P. has also undergone a bit of a facelift with some previously unreleased mixes of the most popular HOE tracks as well as the B side to the single - Time for Change which was not on the album.

Heaven on Earth Today

They now have a son (Paul Ortiz a.k.a. chimpspanner) - a fourth generation musician who is also an accomplished composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Pauly and Joe are going stronger than ever, and, with some help from Paul - they run what has unarguably become a legendary media services company providing products and services to musicians and writers, whilst continuing to write and record even more new material in their own fully digital recording studios.

Listening to their work will leave you in no doubt as to the genuine talent of this duo who always manage to capture in their music - all of the very best aspects of a sorely missed musical era - some of which you will be able to hear at this site.

The Line-up:

Pauly Ortiz - Lead / Background Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
Joe Ortiz -  Lead / Background Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums & Percussion
That's it ... just the two of em' ;-)

Enjoy the soundz

Descriptions from the Heavenly Dictionary ...

Karaoke: (according to Wikipedia) is interactive entertainment where people sing or play along to pre-recorded music. Lyrics are usually displayed on a screen as a guide. While finding some pro usage, this format is largely suitable for amateurs, hobbyists, enthusiasts, parties etc. Loadsa fun ;-)

Personalized Professional Backing Tracks: These are self - produced to commercially and technically high standards by performers who are also musicians with a long industry background that includes major U.S. or European tours, tv and radio. They are writers and composers themselves. Tracks are typically produced in own studio using state-of-the-art software and then played on specialized laptops using auto-prompt on stage.

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