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Do it like everyone else ... or go PRO!

We've witnessed an onslaught of 'so called' solo and duo acts hitting the scene in the hopes of capturing the attention of venue owners for bookings ... however ... Heavenly Media set themselves apart from the rest. Heavenly ensures that not only does it offer some of the best artists in the business, but the best audience experience by far!

If you do a little bit of research, you'll find that most 'so called' solo and duo acts out there are using the same budget or free backing tracks complete with fade-outs, poorly produced recordings, machine programmed stuff that doesn't even begin to satisfy the casual listener. This might be ok if all you want is a little noise in the background that barely qualifies as 'atmosphere'. Also - most of these acts are limited by what styles they can perform in which case their sets are basically the same from gig to gig.

It's time to raise the bar and give your guests ears AND feet a real treat! They deserve way better than this and believe it or not - they also can and DO know the difference!

Our artists perform to ultra quality self produced backing tracks. The best in-class sound systems and lighting rigs are also part and parcel of the package. The results speak for themselves.

Having been right in the middle of just about every facet of the music industry over the decades - from song writing and arrangement to recording, production, mixing, touring and performing - none of this can be faked! It's either the real deal or just a good ol' try.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We always do our level best to over-deliver! We may not be the cheapest in town but we certainly deliver what others can only hope to achieve.

We can and do cater for the following types of events and venues ...

  • weddings

  • anniversaries

  • birthday parties

  • christenings

  • company parties

  • corporate functions

  • social clubs

  • restaurants

  • wine bars & bistros

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PAT Tested for your peace of mind.

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